Our Story

Established by spiritual entrepreneurs Elsea Lake and Lauren Grace, the Afterlight Institute is the culmination of years of spiritual development and proven business practices.

Best friends for several years (and soul sisters for many lifetimes), Lake and Grace have come together to share their love of spirituality, business and entrepreneurship to create the Afterlight Institute.

The Institute was created with a vision to provide spiritual seekers and teachers with a trustworthy place and supportive community to develop and share their spiritual gifts and their messages of light, love, creativity and inspiration.

Our mission: Create a community of teachers and students seeking to expand their spiritual gifts and inner wisdom on the road to illuminating their forgotten selves. We offer products, resources and experiences aimed at empowering and encouraging the soul within to grow in light and love.

Elsea Lake

Founder and Mentor

"I believe that opening up to Spirit and giving oneself the gift of creative play is the missing piece in so many lives. One of my many motivations for co-founding the Afterlight Institute is to create a network where students feel they are part of a supportive family, to create the means to help those stuck in a rut realise that the solution they seek is within, if only they could learn to tap into their inner magic.

When we give ourselves permission to explore, play and delight in ourselves, the world truly does open up. We are not meant to dwell in the darkness and hide, but to live in the light and find magic!"

Lauren Grace

Founder and Host of the Afterlight Podcast

I believe that the spiritual path is a journey that leads us home to ourselves. When we understand that our loved ones don't die, that miracles do happen, that we are worthy of living lives of bliss, that signs and omens are there to guide our paths, and that we have access to our Spirit teams at all times, we elevate our lives to ever higher levels of consciousness.

As a spiritual seeker, I am on a continuous path of self-development and learning. In exploring my relationship with Spirit, I have found myself growing in love, light, compassion and peace. To assist others on their way, I wanted to co-create a reliable and proven resource and safe community where seekers have access to spiritual teachers who can help them discover their inner truths. I look forward to walking alongside you on our journey back to the Afterlight."