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Interpret Your Dreams and Rise Into Your Power

Calling all psychics and mediums who want to further their connection to Spirit through the power of their dreams. 

Discover the meaning behind your dreams so you can address the needs of your soul.

Interpret Your Dreams and Rise Into Your Power!


Do you have vivid dreams that you can remember when you’re awake and you are curious about how to interpret them?


Do you want to remember your dreams but aren't sure where to get started?


Are you interested in learning how to dream more so you can get the most out of your sleeping hours? 


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then yay, you’re in the right place!

Hi, I’m Heather Danielle, a dream expert, spirit whisperer, soul friend, and your personal cheerleader! 

Wherever you are on your soul journey to the next level, you need to harness the power of your dreams, and I have created a masterclass, Interpret Your Dreams and Rise Into Your Power, to help you do this.

Learning and connecting with your dreams is one of the best ways to spiritually grow and develop.

While I work as a psychic medium and have taught psychic development courses previously, I wanted to create a course on all things dreaming (one of my passions!) because I have and continue to experience the benefit of harnessing the power of my dreams.

Did you know that when you are in your dream state, it's way easier for Spirit to communicate with you as they don't have to compete with all your thoughts and the usual distractions of your everyday life?

When you can learn to maximize your dreaming potential,
you will start to get incredible information from your guides.

I know what it's like to be on your spiritual path and want to try everything (FOMO) all at once.


Learning to maximize your dreaming potential will connect you with incredible information from your guides, and you will begin to understand how to overcome fears and worries. You will have the opportunity to try new things in a safe space and start to have wayyyy more fun!


For example, if you have difficulty speaking to someone or approaching a challenging subject in your waking life, you can practice it inside your dream. I even spent time in my dream space doing tricks on my BMX before I attempted them in real life! 

Did you know the average person SLEEPS 26 years of their life?!

Learn how to make your dreams work for you instead of spending
26 years of your life asleep!

Take a moment and think back to when you had a fantastic dream.

What were you doing, where were you, how did you feel?

Now, what if I told you that you could learn to have that dream again, or even something better?!

This class is for you if:

  • You are new to the spiritual path or want to take your current spiritual journey to the next stage
  • You are interested in exploring the messages in your dreams
  • You want to connect with the Spirit world
  • You have a longing to connect with your Spirit Guides and Angels
  • You want to feel the joy of life and open up to more miracles and magic
  • You desire to feel more peace
  • You want to have more fun in your life!

Life after Interpret Your Dreams and Rise Into Your Power looks like:

  • You know how to remember your dreams
  • You sleep more peacefully
  • You are becoming who you are meant to be
  • You feel more empowered in who you truly are
  • You know how Spirit uses dreams to communicate
  • You feel a stronger connection to Spirit
  • You have more energy throughout the day
  • You find it easier to manifest abundance, prosperity and better relationships

In this course, you will further develop your psychic and mediumship abilities.

Course breakdown: Modules are recorded videos and run between 15 mins and 30 minutes.
You will have access to these modules for 365 days, go at your own pace!

Module 1
Foundations for Optimal Dreaming

  • Preparing the Body for Sleep.
  • Understanding the Sleep Cycles.
  • Creating an Energetically Clean Space.
  • Creating a Spiritually Aligned Space.
  • Designing Your Own Sacred Nighttime Routine.

Module 2
The Different Types of Dreams

  • The Three Dream Categories.
  • What are Junk Dreams.
  • Visitations from the Other Side.
  • Message Dreams are the Bread & Butter.

Module 3
The Fascinating World of Parasomnias

  • What are Parasomnias.
  • Night Terrors vs Nightmares.
  • Sleepwalking.
  • Sleep Paralysis.
  • How to Stop Sleep Paralysis

Module 4
The Power of Lucid Dreaming

  • What is Lucid Dreaming.
  • Lucid Dreaming vs Vivid Dreams.
  • Lucid Dreaming vs Astral Projection.
  • Awesome Things To Do While Lucid Dreaming.
  • Lucid Dreaming Techniques.

Module 5
Understanding and Exploring Dream Symbolism

  • Common Dream Symbols.
  • Number and Colour Meanings in Dreams.
  • Individual Dream Symbolism vs The Whole Dream.
  • Interpreting Dream Symbols

Module 6
 How to Interpret Your Dreams

  • Why Interpreting Dreams is Essential.
  • The Creative Scale of Your Dreams.
  • Your Unique Dream Metaphors.
  • The YESS Concept.
  • Repeating Dreams.
  • Creating Your Own Dream Dictionary.

BONUS: Module 7
Bringing your Dreams to Life

  • Communicating with Your Spirit Guides in Dreams.
  • Past life dreaming.
  • Dreaming for Others.
  • Past Life Dreaming
  • Dreaming Hacks to Take it to the Next Level

A Full-colour Printable Workbook

Includes templates, your own dream journal, tips and tricks and more.

* This is not available anywhere else except through The Afterlight Institute (valued at $197).

You'll have access to this course 365 days from the date of purchase.
Go at your own pace and access the modules at any time for easy reference.

Your life is about to change forever.
This life-changing education that I have spent my life accumulating is priceless; however, it can be yours for $257 USD.

PLUS, you will receive
The Afterlight Institute's Essential Dreamtime Bundle which includes:

Powerful Nighttime Routine Handbook

Grab our helpful must-have list of herbs, crystals and a powerful nighttime routine so you can get the best sleep. (value: $47)

Lucid Dreaming 30-day Tracker

Get ready to lucid dream with our 30-day challenge. Track your progress and watch as your skills grow.

(value: $97)

Divine Nightly Prayer Poster

A powerful nightly prayer to cleanse your space.

11/17 poster size (value: $47)

Certification through The Afterlight Institute

Interpret Your Dreams and Rise Into Your Power is a certified course through The Afterlight Institute.


The Afterlight Institute offers carefully curated and produced courses, mentorship, and certification to elevate the standard practices in modern spirituality.

The total value of bonuses: $191 USD

It's time to connect to spirit through your dreams. 

Register now and receive:

  • Interpret Your Dreams and Rise Into Your Power course (value: $444)
  • A Full-colour Printable Workbook (valued at $197)
  • Powerful Nighttime Routine handbook (value: $47)
  • Divine Nightly Prayer poster (value: $47)
  • Lucid Dreaming 30-day Tracker (value: $97)
  • Certification in Interpret Your Dreams and Rise Into Your Power from the Afterlight Institute

The total value: $832 USD
yours for only: $247 USD

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Meet your instructor,
Heather Danielle

Hi, I’m Heather Danielle, dream expert, spirit whisperer, soul friend, and your personal cheerleader!

"Heather will help you see your full potential. She never hesitated to share her knowledge. Because of the knowledge I’ve gained and the experiences she gave me, I know I’m ready to move forward with my own dreams. Thank you, Heather! You’re a gem!"

Kim Y.Kim Y.

"Heather offers unique and intuitive suggestions. I have learned to connect to Spirit to offer intuitive guidance to my clients. I have also attracted more clients, received more signs from Spirit, and connected to past loved ones for messages and support. Thank you, Heather!"

Rachele R.Rachele R.

"Heather has such a beautiful, caring, compassionate and highly energetic soul. Love her energy! I feel like I have known her forever! She knows her stuff!" 

Mechelle K.Mechelle K.

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How does the class work?Interpret Your Dreams and Rise Into Your Power is a self-paced course and you will have access to the training for 365 from the day of purchase.

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What is your refund policy?7-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE

We don't think you'll need it but if you aren't sure if this course is for you that is OK. 

Join me and if within seven days of purchase you see this course isn't for you, reach out, and I will give you a full refund. 

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